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I Need A Contract, How Do I Proceed?

Who is responsible for what?

Originating Department

  1. Negotiates the optimal price and terms of the contract
  2. Decides format of contract to use:
    • Standard template (preferred)
    • New Vassar contract
    • Form provided by vendor
  3. Drafts the contract

Budget Office

  1. Reviews the contract for business, legal and insurance requirements.
    • All contracts over $15k
    • All multi-year contracts
    • Standard templates that have been amended for legal terms
    • Any contract a department would like to have reviewed
    • Complex Contracts with unique risks to the college including those that:
      • creates partnership/joint venture
      • could generate significant publicity and /or controversy
      • uses College name publicly
      • allows third parties to use Vassar property, excluding contract on pre-approved templates
  2. Turnaround Time: for complex reviews, please allow for a two week turnaround time

What format should I use for the contract?

This section provides guidance on the use of standard templates, Vassar initiated contracts, and contracts from outside vendors. Note that a confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement may be required before in-depth discussions with a vendor.

Non-disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement

Please contact us to request a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement.

Standard Templates

The College created the following standard templates that should be used whenever possible. The templates contain the necessary language to minimize risk to the College. These templates provide fillable spaces to change the names of parties and basic terms and may be applicable to multiple departments across campus. These templates do not need further review from the Budget Office unless there is an amendment of the legal terms or the department desires a review. The Budget Office welcomes the opportunity to work with departments to develop additional standard templates for recurring activities.

We're working on contract templates which will be available here soon.  Contact us if you have an activity you contract for regularly and would like us to help create a template you can use for each engagement.

Terms to look for in Vassar initiated contract, or contract initiated outside the College

The checklist guides the process when reviewing or preparing contracts. It details the terms to look for in a contract. The expanded checklist provides additional information, namely, pre-approved language that may be inserted into new contracts for each contract term.

Download a copy of the following checklists: